Niyyah: The spirit of your actions
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Niyyah: The spirit of your actions

Niyyah: The spirit of your actions

Bismillah, Assalaamu ‘alaykum.

The Commander of the Believers, Abu Hafs Omar ibnul-Khattaar (may Allah be pleased with him), narrated: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) saying, ‘Actions are but by intention & every man shall have but that which he intends…’” (Saheehayn)

The all-inspiring hadeeth which forms the framework for all other Prophetic traditions that follow: Perhaps one of the most profound, in  that it  captures the essence & virtue of pure deeds.

And what is a pure deed? A sincere deed done for Allah’s Cause ONLY.    Purified deeds which are performed to earn His Pleasure; Beautiful deeds which are carried out to earn His Mercy; Genuine deeds which are done to experience His Proximity.

“Niyyah comes from a word that means “the direction in which you travel”. Your destination should be Allah. Your trajectory is to Allah. Niyyah is the spirit of the action. An action is like the shell of the body, the soul is like a sound niyyah; without a sound niyyah, it is a dead body.”

These words of wisdom – attributed to Imaam Suhaib Webb – remind us of the quintessence of a muslimah’s connection to Allah Ta’ala. Each of us reading this entry, cherish the desire to memorise the Divine Words, remember them proficiently & to live by them, Inshaa Allah. Subhaan Allah! Is there any greater, more noble aspiration to which a muslimah may attach importance? No!

The journey of memorising the Qur’aan is one of determination, perseverance & resolve. But much of this accomplishment rests upon the pedestal of genuineness & earnestness: SINCERITY OF INTENTION.

For, whilst the essence of sincerity is a vast ocean through which our souls must continuously navigate, let us endeavour to be amongst those exceptions who sail across & do not drown :

“ Except Your chosen [guided] slaves among them.”                   [15:40]

~Oh Allah! Bless us with sincerity in our deeds & words, enlisting us amongst Your sincere, righteous servants..aameen~

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