Practical Steps:1
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Practical Steps:1

Practical Steps:1

~Disclaimer: The following are merely helpful hints that have assisted others through the journey of memorising Al Qur’aan; Please read through them carefully & choose those methods most appropriate to your personal learning~

1.         Always start memorising the new lesson (called Sabaq) after Maghrib Salat (or maximum after ‘Eshaa Salat).

2.         Memorise the Sabaq( new lesson ) completely (if still remaining to memorise) after Fajar prayrers and read it to your teacher.

3.         Every day read the Sabaq(new lesson) along with the older lesson from the previous 7 days.These previous 7 days lesson are known as SABAQI, 7 days lesson are the least lessons for daily repetetion, a normal man should revise upto last 15 lessons.

4.         Every day also read a complete Juz (part) of Quran that you have memorised previously.

5.         Start by basically learning the language of Arabic, only if you can read it without understading that will also be fine as Arabic can easily be memorised without knowing meaning of it! This is a miracle of the Holy Qur’an.

6.         Since the endind part of the Qur’an is easy to memorize, start from the end of the Qur’an, take your first SABAQ of atleast one surah i.e. Surah-e-Naas.

7.         Repeat the verse with looking until you know you know you can read it without looking, then read the verse without looking about 5 times.

8.         Keep reviewing the verse or how much you did and in the same day memorize another part.

9.         Work as hard as you possibly can.

10.      Increase the number of pages you memorize a day when you feel you could do more.

11.      Once you achieved the target of getting sabaq one page, contineou with same amount of lesson for ATLEAST 15 DAYS, do not try to just put all your memorising power to learn your daily lesson i.e. Sabaq, take equal tension for what you have memorised previously, but try your best never to miss your daily lesson.

12.      Stay dedicated and always think positive.

13.      Keep working and know you can do it. Never back down, and never slack off of your work.

14.      Stay in a quiet room. You can try to listen to recitation of the quran, but to some people they can become distracted.

15.      When you have finished memorizing, read it to someone else, preferably, a sheik, and do it on daily basis.

16.      Always summon Allah with the du’aa (help prayer to Allah) to help you with your goal.

17.      ALWAYS review what you have memorized. If not, it will all be lost in a matter of months.

18.      Have patience and believe that you can do it. Motivation is the key.

19.      Ask someone to listen to you while you memorizing the Qur’an. (Muslim holy book.)

20.      Also, learn the Arabic language so you understand what you’re reading, but it is never neccassary, millions of hafiz memorised the Holy Qur’an without learning Arbic language.

21.      knowing what you’re reading makes it easier to memorize, but never start thinking about the translation while memorising it.

22.      If you ever get involved with a problem just approach to a shiekh for solution. He may also give you address of someone better then him to solve your problems i.e. professional Qari (teachers of hifz classes).



•      Pray to Allah Ta’ala

•          The younger you are the better you memorize and it’s EASIER because you   don’t have much in your brain

•          For some verses you need to repeat 10-20 times


•          As you memorize the Qur’an, also study the meanings.

•          Find a fellow hafiz and train with him.

•          Learning 3 verses everyday will help you become a hafiz in 10 years. But most of the student take only two and a half year or possibaly 3 years to complete memorizing whole Qur’an Majeed.

•          Find an Arabic teacher that will teach you Arabic. It is better than English transliteration. It will be more clear to you! It will have everything! Punctuations, vowels, etc.

•          When you learn any surah, review reading with the Quran. You could also pray Nafl to review.

•          Find a madrassah with other students so you have encouragement

•          If you start forgetting what you have memorized, then stop memorizing more for a while and concentrate on reviewing

•          If you are teaching you children then try and homeschool them… it’s much more conducive to their learning environment

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