A special connection to the Quran
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A special connection to the Quran

A special connection to the Quran

There were somethings in her house that were shocking and disturbing.

The disturbing thing was that the Qur’an was kept in the kitchen with oil spots on it. It was repeatedly grabbed with wet hands. The second copy was placed on a plaque in a corner of the garden outside. The papers were almost torn. A copy was on the side table of her bed. And another so in the lounge. Of course, she would turn her back many times. She doesn’t respect it and doesn’t feel anything about it!

My face expressions changed and she may have noticed, then she spoke.

“I don’t get a chance to read the Qur’an sitting in one place because of my busy schedule. Therefore, I have placed the Qur’an in places where there is some space. I pick it up and read it. Actually sister, there are thousands of problems in a day and their solutions are only in this.”

She continued, “Sister, Allah has explained the solution of every problem in the Holy Qur’an. This was what my father had told me. He said make the Quran your friend.  This book will give you the answer to every problem.

This is my friend. I ask it everything and this book tells me the solution of every problem. Many problems are solved with just a few verses. I have made a red mark on these verses. When a problem arises, I quickly read all these verses. Sometimes it takes more time. And sometimes when I open it, the solution of my problem is in front of my eyes. Then my tears start to flow with the love of the Allah.

That is why this is the condition of these Quraans. For example, yesterday my sister in law was here, I was going to the kitchen after serving her food. I heard her saying something about me and I became angry because I did so much for her and then this is the reward I get!

What should I do in such a case? I opened The Qur’an. There was a verse in front of me.

“Repel evil with good”

I had brought new earrings yesterday, I took them out and gave them to her to wear. She kept looking at them for a while. Then she cried. I hugged her.  She said: “Forgive me. You are really a very good sister-in-law, even better than a sister. May Allah keep you happy.”

“Today, when you came, I had cooked the food already. I thought how this food will be enough. I opened the Qur’an and it was written, “If you are grateful, I will give you more.” I quickly thanked Allah. I saw peas in the fridge. I started taking out rice when a dish of biryani came from the neighborhood. My husband came from the office with Haleem. That is when Allah immediately solved the problem. Sister just turn to Him in every difficult moment.

My husband lost his job due to COVID-19. There was a big problem. When I opened the Qur’an, it was written, “Ask for forgiveness, in return I will give you rain  And I will give gardens and canals.” I was amazed. So many great benefits of asking for forgiveness!

I called all the family members and apologized to each and everyone. We must have done something wrong. At the same time, I kept saying Astagfirullah with the tongue. Can you believe within three days, its effects became visible.

There was a long-standing resentment with a family. After the apology, they all came home. In the conversation, a member mentioned that a post in his company was vacant. Based on my husband’s experience, his job was secured with triple the salary and many benefits. And the peace that came from making up with angry family members. It is unthinkable that the rain of blessings and gardens of happiness came so abundantly.”

She simply hugged the Qur’an with love in her heart and walked away. And I was ashamed. Until today, I had never had such a friendly relationship with the Qur’an. Nor was such guidance available to me.  Tears began to flow. I wish I had given the same attention to its spirit and original message as I would to the outward maintenance of the Qur’an. I would also have been so close to it.❤📖❤

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