A haafidha’s advise: Tips to enrich your hifdh journey
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A haafidha’s advise: Tips to enrich your hifdh journey

A haafidha’s advise: Tips to enrich your hifdh journey

:::Guest Blog post:::

Hifdh no doubt, is a challenging journey.
Each of us is travelling this journey with a different vehicle and different obstacles on our path. Sometimes we need to stop to check our intentions (i.e: am I on the right path?). Sometimes, we need to service our vehicle with inspiration and advice from others.

During my journey of hifdh I have noted down some tips which hopefully will benefit you in making your journey a smooth one inshaAllah:

1.)The advice of Imaam Shafi(ra):”keep away from sin because knowledge is not given to a sinner.”

2.) When memorising or revising Qur’aan, imagine that Allah (swt) is right next to you. If you cannot do this then know that Allah (swt) is watching you. Feel Allah’s (swt) presence. This helps you not to feel despondent as help always comes from Allah (swt) alone.

3.) Always be consistent in your work. Have set times during the day to learn your work. As a mother and wife this may sometimes be difficult, but set realistic goals for yourself and try your best to keep up to them!

4.)Mark and note down tajweed rules in your Quraan, as well as mutashaabihaat(similar verses),for easy learning.

5.) Listen to qiraat especially at the time of haidh. This can be done whilst doing household chores or even whilst travelling. Choose a reciter who is well versed in tajweed and who recites clearly.

6.) Use a miswaak. There are many benefits! Your recitation will be more clear, your mind will be more alert but most of all it will please Allah (swt) and Rasoolullah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

7.) Recite your revision (dhor) in salaah. Don’t despair if you make mistakes. The mistakes that you make in salaah will inshaAllah not be forgotten.

Guest blog post by: Arifah Kadwa

Arifah is a haafidha of al Qur’aan al Kareem and is based in South Africa.

If you wish to feature as a guest blogger or contribute research material on tahfeedhul Qur’aan, please email: rayhaanah@gmail.com, we’d love to feature your works, too!

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