Hifdh Teacher Database
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Hifdh Teacher Database

Hifdh Teacher Database

AlHumdulillah, here is our international Hifdh Teacher Database for females teachers globally. It is a work in progress, subhanAllah. My vision is to make Qur’an memorization more accessible to thousands of women and girls who aspire to preserve the Qur’an in their hearts, inshaAllah.

If you teach hifdh, we’d love to add your details to this database, too!

North Africa

Um Afnan Alndar: A dual Ijaazah holder in Qur’an memorization (Hafs) who teache part time hifdh to youth and elder sisters. She teaches onsite in Ash Shuhada’, Al Minufiyah (Menoufia), Egypt, and online for English speakers. Um Afnan Alndar can be contacted via email: p8m900@gmail.com or Skype: omafnan29



Eman Mustafa: An Ijaazah holder in Qur’an memorization (Hafs) who teaches part time hifdh. Based in Ash Shuhada’, Al Minufiyah (Menoufia), Egypt, she teaches online classes (one-on-one) and onsite for local Egyptians. Eman Mustafa can be contacted via email: Eman.mustafa274@gmail.com or Skype: Eman Mustafa

West Africa

Faatimah umm Maryam: Teaches both full time and part time hifdh, depending on the student’s capacity and dedication.  Interested students – females and children are welcome – should possess basic knowledge of Tajweed. She teaches both online and onsite, and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Umm Maryam can be contacted via email: qaaria2unazeezah@gmail.com

South Africa

Ghaafitha Mariam Gallie: An Ijaazah holder who teaches only females from 5 years old upwards. She instructs in full time & part time hifdh and maqamaat, both online (via Skype) and onsite in Cape Town, South Africa. Ghaafitha Mariam Gallie can be contacted via email: mariamgallie@ymail.com




Dar al Basaa’ir: Yusairah Navlakhi teaches hifdh during the afternoons (3 – 5 pm) in Robertsham, Johannesburg, South Africa. Interested students – females and children are welcome – should possess basic knowledge of Tajweed and fluency in Qur’an recitation. Yusairah Navlakhi can be contacted via email: yusairahbarbie@gmail.com




Hafeeza Zahra Essack :  Teaches onsite full-time hifdh to female teenagers and adults in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Hafeeza Zahra Essack can be contacted via email: zbessack@gmail.com




Muallimah Hajra: Teaches onsite full-time and part-time hifdh to females in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. Potential students should be able to read the Quran with average fluency. Basic tajweed preferred/ willing to improve on tajweed. Learners must be committed to memorising the Quran and be willing to accept full responsibility for their own dohr, learning and progress. Muallimah Hajra can be via contacted via email: hymoolla@gmail.com


Usta’dha Rabia Khan: An Ijaazah holder who teaches full time hifdh, prior which interested students need to complete an assessment interview. She teaches both online and onsite in Toronto, Canada. Ustad’dha Rabia Khan can be contacted via email: rabiah.akhan@gmail.com

South East Asia

Ms Fathima Nafla: An Ijaazah holder (in recitation) who teaches part time hifdh to female adults (interested children and teenagers will be considered on a case-by-case basis). She teaches hifdh online and is based in Singapore. Ms Fathima Nafla can be contact via email: fnafla@outlook.com

Add your name to the database

AlHumdulillah, I receive numerous requests on a daily basis from keen students in search of reputable hifdh teachers from all over the world!
As such, I’m looking into creating a database for female hifdh (hifz / hafazan/ tahfeedh) teachers, who teach both online and / or onsite.

If you teach Hifdh, I’d be ever so grateful if you filled in the form below. JazakiAllahu Khayr!


Together, let’s network to have more sisters memorizing, loving, and living Al Qur’aan!